Luigi Cavaliere, architect. He was born in march 20,1954 in Nocera Superiore (Salerno - Italy). Formed in the architecture school of Karlsruhe (Germany) and the Polytechnic Institut of Milan (Italy).  He is referee as architect in Spain, Italy and Germany. His experience in architecture, incluse all types of buildings, such as dwellings, industrial buildings, technical buildings (like eletric power stations), offices, warehouses, hotels and resorts, interior design of boutiques and restaurants. This is newly introduced in the same direction as in the construction. He worked in different countries such as Germany, Spain and his islands, Italy, Turkey etc ... His experience, the passion and the years dedicated to his work, has projected him to a different way to build. Respecting the interaction architecture- man and the relation  arquitecture- surrounding as basic premise.     So comes the slang "we build differently."​



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